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Successful Guitar Repairs from Allfrets

Washburn F – 30 – SN bird’s eye maple, cedar top, steel strung 000 style folk guitar.

Job: fitted with Fishman piezo electric under-saddle system.
Lovely sound unamplified – and no piezo “honk”. If you fit ‘em right, they sound right!

close-up of pre-amp/ EQ in the Washburn.

Well fitted – the flattish profile of the rim of the pre-amp meant finding a fitting further down the body than the usual places on the top bout…

rosette of a “basket case” Rumanian mandolin, stored in a derelict caravan, stomped on by some delightful yobbo with little between his ears but “hate” and “destroy”. Reconstructed with new fretboard, new spruce top, pretty rosette (q.v.) refinished in a burgundy-ish colour, and a whole lot better sound than the crude strutting of the original permitted!

The whole of the Rumanian “basket case” after my T.L.C…

An interesting one: this was a Yamaha electro-acoustic APX-5 which, rumour has it, was used as an offensive weapon on an unsuspecting cranium! Result, a damaged and nearly sheared off belly (there’s a lot of pull in those strings) and the back parting also from the ribs, but not as bad as the front. This interior shot shows the quadrant of spruce used to repair the top glued in place with a careful reconnection to the strutting of the belly. Nice one, T.G!

Ditto – same APX5 showing regluing of entire back, after removal and repair of other areas, to ribs.>

Yamaha APX5 again – showing interior after removal of back, and quadrant of damaged ply top removed, ready for clean-up and gluing of spruce patch.>

When this was reconstructed the owner, who got if for nothing due to its knackered state, had a really nice el-ac axe for the cost of the repair!