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Authorised repairers for :
Authorised repairers for Avalon Guitars

Repair Price List



Setup (acoustic)

from £36.00 plus strings

Setup (electric)

from £40.00 plus strings

Replace bridge saddle (precut - plastic)

£20.00 plus materials

Replace bridge saddle (custom - made in bone, Tusq, Micarta)

£35.00 plus materials



Neck work

Refret - maple neck

£160.00 (incl. parts)

Refret - Rosewood (or other non-maple boards)

£140.00 (incl. parts)

Refret - Bound necks (rosewood and other non-maple)


Refret - Bound necks (maple)


Partial refret

£40.00 plus £5.00 per fret

Level, reprofile, polish frets


Replace nut (with handmade from bone, Tusq, Micarta etc. blank)

£45.00 labour plus cost of nut

Ditto: 12 string guitar

£50.00 labour plus cost of nut

Replace nut (pre-cut moulded plastic)

£25.00 plus cost of nut

Ditto: 12 string

£25.00 plus cost of nut

Neck reset (dovetail joint)


Neck reset (Fender and similar bolt-on)





Fit replacement pickup for similar

£40.00 plus parts

Fit replacement pickup – different size, shape, style

£55.00 incl. routing, plus parts

Fit replacement pot

£25.00 plus part

Fit replacement tone capacitor

£20.00 plus part

Fit replacement jack socket (skeleton)

£20.00 plus part

Total rewirings and similar jobs by negotiation.

Structural repairs to acoustic fretted instruments


All by inspection and individual quotation.


"The ability to turn a good but impaired instrument into one which plays so well you don’t want to put it down is a rare ability. Tony has that ability and has worked his magic on a few of my guitars. When you buy an expensive Gibson, you expect it to play like a dream. Quality control being what it is, this isn’t always the case. When you find yourself fiddling with the truss rod and bridge in an attempt to get the thing to play better, so you can just concentrate on what you’re playing, you need external help. Tony can do that for you, by removing buzzes and improving the action, so that it plays as it should. In short, he can make your dream guitar actually play and sound like one!"

Roy Hawkesford