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Authorised repairers for :
Authorised repairers for Avalon Guitars

Repair Price List



Setup (acoustic)

from £36.00 plus strings

Setup (electric)

from £40.00 plus strings

Replace bridge saddle (precut - plastic)

£20.00 plus materials

Replace bridge saddle (custom - made in bone, Tusq, Micarta)

£35.00 plus materials



Neck work

Refret - maple neck

£160.00 (incl. parts)

Refret - Rosewood (or other non-maple boards)

£140.00 (incl. parts)

Refret - Bound necks (rosewood and other non-maple)


Refret - Bound necks (maple)


Partial refret

£40.00 plus £5.00 per fret

Level, reprofile, polish frets


Replace nut (with handmade from bone, Tusq, Micarta etc. blank)

£45.00 labour plus cost of nut

Ditto: 12 string guitar

£50.00 labour plus cost of nut

Replace nut (pre-cut moulded plastic)

£25.00 plus cost of nut

Ditto: 12 string

£25.00 plus cost of nut

Neck reset (dovetail joint)


Neck reset (Fender and similar bolt-on)





Fit replacement pickup for similar

£40.00 plus parts

Fit replacement pickup – different size, shape, style

£55.00 incl. routing, plus parts

Fit replacement pot

£25.00 plus part

Fit replacement tone capacitor

£20.00 plus part

Fit replacement jack socket (skeleton)

£20.00 plus part

Total rewirings and similar jobs by negotiation.

Structural repairs to acoustic fretted instruments


All by inspection and individual quotation.