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Making Sweet Music

Many years back – played in a number of rock’n roll and blues bands around Hull and the East and West Ridings. Mates (at the time) with Mick Ronson (Spiders from Mars) and Rick Kemp (Steeleye Span).  Biggest gig – a band called The Small Four (so called because we were a trio!), supporting Hendrix at The Skyline Ballroom, March ’67…
Moved on to playing with Mecca house bands (pre-disco era!!) and played in the first “light band” (Eddie Gray and His Shades of Grey, believe it or not) to use the new Pebble Mill radio studios in Birmingham (‘70/’71), as well as at Nottingham Palais and Coventry Locarno with same band.
Wrote folk music column and disc reviews for Northampton Chronicle And Echo, 18 years (’76 – ’94). Regular floor spots/gigs on local folk scene as solo performer…

Occasional gigs as lead guitar with local covers band Falling Rock.

Regrettably, “G & T” are no more – Gareth being so much younger than me, he had far more “fish to fry”, and a music management company have recognised his talents and snapped him up. However – here’s an example of “the way we were”! It’s called “Guadalavaca Bay” (it’s in Cuba, in case you ask). Gareth’s chord sequence, my “choon” and improv. Gareth rhythm – me lead. Still recording my own stuff though – watch this space….

Was musical director for local am-dram group Lings Players for 13 pantomimes and shows. Composed and recorded original music for various productions performed by top local am-dram group The Masque Theatre.

Busy, busy, busy!!