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Guitar and Mandolin Repairs From Allfrets

Allfrets are Northampton's premier repairers of electric guitars, acoustic guitars, electric bass guitars and mandolins.

We undertake all repairs - there is no job too large or too small!

Who I am...

My name is Tony Gosling and I have been playing guitars for more years than I care to remember.  I have also been building and repairing guitars and mandolins for nearly 30 years.

I repair mandolins, acoustic guitars, electric guitars and bass guitars for musicians throughout Northamptonshire and beyond at very reasonable prices. Please use the menu on the left to find details of the services I offer.
If you'd like to call me to discuss any repair or setup job you have, please do so - you'll find my telephone number on the Contact Us page.

What I do...

I provide set-up, repair and maintenance services to guitarists. My setups are second to none and I have received some wonderful testimonials. Although many customers find me through this site, a sizeable proportion of my work comes from repeat business and word-of-mouth recommendations.

A non-exhaustive list of my services is:

  • Setups
  • General repair and maintenance
  • Fret-dressing and refrets
  • Replacement nuts
  • Pickup and hardware upgrades
  • Structural repairs
  • All electrical repairs and customisations
  • BUT, apart from "spot repairs" to finishes done in the course of other repairs, I don't do refinishing / paint jobs at all.
  • See my Price List for a complete list of jobs (and prices!)

    Where I do it...

    I have a workshop at home in Northampton where I repair all kind of stringed instruments and also make furniture for friends and relatives when time allows!

    When I will do it...

    I will try to work to your timescales. In most cases I can provide a fast turnaround on minor repairs. I will never undertake unnecessary work and will always advise owners honestly. Owners are always consulted fully before any work not previously agreed is undertaken. I will guarantee that whilst your guitar is with me it will be treated with care and respect. All guitars are cleaned and polished before being delivered back to their owners.

    Why I do it....

    Because I love guitars.

    "The ability to turn a good but impaired instrument into one which plays so well you don’t want to put it down is a rare ability. Tony has that ability and has worked his magic on a few of my guitars. When you buy an expensive Gibson, you expect it to play like a dream. Quality control being what it is, this isn’t always the case. When you find yourself fiddling with the truss rod and bridge in an attempt to get the thing to play better, so you can just concentrate on what you’re playing, you need external help. Tony can do that for you, by removing buzzes and improving the action, so that it plays as it should. In short, he can make your dream guitar actually play and sound like one!"

    Roy Hawkesford